Kaczkan - Premium Wooden Floors

Wooden floors from the Beauty of oil collection

A beautiful collection of floors finished with natural oils. Thanks to this solution, the boards have a warm, matte look, structure pleasant to touch, and additionally are durable and resistant to moisture. A classic and timeless proposition for lovers of natural interiors.

About collection

Beauty of Oil a collection of floors that pride themselves on their exceptional beauty derived from its very source... Nature at its best. Nature inspires and creates; it complements and surrounds us with original patterns, colours and style. The collection's palette of pastel colours is its unique advantage - it charms and soothes the senses, creating original arrangements with a unique atmosphere.
To finish these floors, we apply natural hybrid oils mixed with waxes, which are then cured using UV rays. To achieve perfect results, each board is several times coated with a special layer. Oil not only protects but also penetrates into the wood, guaranteeing exceptional durability and emphasizing its structure, which becomes more visible and palpable. This finish, based on natural raw materials, does not clog pores, regulates moisture and lets air pass through. It also reduces shrinkage and swelling (which are normal processes that occur in wood under the influence of moisture or temperature changes).
Floors from this collection have hydrophobic properties and attract less dust. They are also abrasion resistant and easier to repair.
Discover floors from the Beauty of Oil collection... Which one will adorn your interior?


  • floors made of a two-layer parquet created based on innovative technologies, which has all the natural qualities of wood, such as beautiful look and durability, while retaining the advantages of panels such as easy and quick installation
  • oils that are used to finish the floors from the Beauty of Oil collection are UV-curable natural hybrid oils with enhanced resistance and an admixture of waxes
  • oiled planks have a very fashionable, matte look, reminiscent of natural wood, with a structure perfectly palpable under the fingers and a finish that emphasizes the noble beauty of wood


  • the floor is easy to install, does not require sanding, can be laid on floor heating and used immediately after laying
  • abrasion-resistant, easy to care for, attracting little dust and little susceptible to moisture floors for fans of classic interior ideas

Technical parameters

The floors from the Beauty of Oil collection are made of ProParkiet two-layer parquet, which consists of layers of wood joined together with glue. This solution provides all the advantages of a natural wooden floor, but it also has what is best of panels - quick, simple installation, thus saving time and costs.
The top layer of wood is made of noble European species, such as European oak, black oak or Polish oak. The bottom layer is made of a coniferous base in the form of lamellas or a deciduous base - plywood.
Each plank of the floor is oiled several times with natural hybrid oils mixed with waxes, which are then hardened with UV rays.

Each floor from this collection can be delivered in five classes: Particular classes Particular classes (selections) differ from each other in the arrangement of rings, the number of knots and the pattern of wood.

Inspirations Wooden floors from the Beauty of oil collection

Formats Wooden floors from the Beauty of oil collection

Two-layer floorboard

Kaczkan Premium floor boards are a modern solution to many problems commonly encountered when laying wooden parquets: they require no finishing work (each board is protected during manufacturing), they are durable and versatile and offer almost unlimited arrangement possibilities.

Configure the floor

9/10/13/14 x 120 x 800/1000/1200/1400

9/10/13/14 x 150 x 800/1000/1200/1400

9/10/13/14 x 190 x 1700/1800/1900/2000

Simple Living

Naturally elegant and timelessly stylish, Simple Living floors utilise tiles cut at an angle of 90° and are designed to be laid in a classic herringbone pattern. A wide range of available colours and finishes means that the two-layer floors in this product range will create an exceptional and unique effect in any interior where they are used.

Configure the floor

10/14 x 150 x 600

10/14 x 120 x 600

14 x 100 x 500

11 x 90 x 900

11 x 70 x 490

Chevron 45 ProParkiet: Chevron 45

The front edges of the Chevron 45 French herringbone tiles are cut at an angle of 45°, enabling you to create interesting, expressive motifs based on the classic zigzag pattern. Due to the extremely wide range of colours available, Chevron 45 tiles can also be patterned so as to create an original and eye-catching herringbone colour.

Configure the floor

10/14 x 90 x 610

10/14 x 120 x 880

10/14 x 150 x 640

10/14 x 190 x 800

Chevron 22 or Hungarian point

The Chevron 22 Hungarian point pattern is an energetic and temperamental floor that utilises tiles cut at an angle of 22.5°. It works particularly well in modernist, industrial and minimalist interiors, giving them character and bringing them to life. Chevron 22 pattern tiles are available in oiled or varnished finish, in a wide range of colors so that everyone can choose the shade which best suits their expectations.

Configure the floor

10/14 x 150 x 920

10/14 x 120 x 920

10/14 x 90 x 655