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Chevron 22

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        About the product range / features

        The Chevron 22 Hungarian point pattern is an energetic and temperamental floor that utilises tiles cut at an angle of 22.5°. It works particularly well in modernist, industrial and minimalist interiors, giving them character and bringing them to life. Chevron 22 pattern tiles are available in oiled or varnished finish, in a wide range of colors so that everyone can choose the shade which best suits their expectations.


        • innovative manufacturing technology
        • increased durability (the tiles are varnished/oiled several times and then cured using UV rays)
        • wide range of finishes available (including chamfering and structuring)
        • compatible with underfloor heating


        • top layer made of fine wood (English oak), hardwood or softwood subfloor
        Chevron 22

        Technical parameters

        The Chevron 22 floor is a two-layer parquet, subjected to suitable treatment by varnishing or oiling and UV curing during the production stage. As a result, the Chevron 22 double-layered tile flooring can be used normally immediately after installation and requires no additional finishing. The Chevron 22 two-layer parquet can be refinished (sanded) several times if necessary.


        • Chevron 45 Large

          10 x 120 x 880 mm

        • Chevron 45 Small

          10 x 90 x 610 mm

        Our floors are fully customizable

        The Chevron 22 series is available in a wide range of classic and avant-garde colour schemes. Available varnishes include coloured UV varnishes from the Top of the World range, whereas available oil-based finishes include natural oils from the Beauty of Oil range.

        Available finishes:

        • semi-matte UV varnish
        • super matte UV varnish
        • hybrid UV cured oil

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