Kaczkan - Premium Wooden Floors

Wood flooring - perfect in every aspect

Discover a world where a solid oak base matters. Our wood flooring stands out thanks to its exceptional durability and hardness and dazzles with its unique beauty and perfect finish. It's an investment that will help you create the perfect interior: elegant, warm feeling, stylish, timeless... just what you need!

The innovative proParkiet double-layer board system

ProParkiet is the perfect solution for modern interior design! The two-layer material we use combines the durability and elegance of premium hardwood with the ease and speed of hassle-free installation. This high quality wood flooring can be used immediately after installation, as protection and finish are applied to the tiles during their production!

The top layer of proParkiet consists of a noble oak frieze, approximately 4 mm thick, and the bottom layer is a solid softwood or hardwood subfloor. Multiple varnishing or hybrid oiling processes and UV hardening of wooden elements guarantee the highest possible durability and resistance of the flooring to mechanical damage, while maintaining its natural aesthetic and functional qualities. The ability to safely and effectively use proParkiet flooring in combination with underfloor heating is a standout feature of the product.


Our products accentuate the beauty of natural wood

One of the most fascinating aspects of wood is its natural, captivating beauty that deserves to be highlighted and emphasised. When designing our flooring collections, we accentuate the authentic beauty of original oak board drawings and emphasize their original grain, stylish discolourations and knots.

We exclusively use innovative methods of wood finishing to make sure that the product we deliver is of superlative quality and properly protected, but at the same time clearly embodying what is most important - the timeless beauty of oak boards. We know how important colour is in interior design, and therefore we offer you floors in a variety of shades that subtly enhance the natural colour of oak and fall into the most desirable hues of browns, greys and whites.

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Attention to detail and supreme quality

Our wood flooring are the product of multiple professionals working together with passion and full commitment. Each stage of the process of creating Kaczkan products is entrusted only to highly qualified and experienced professionals who accept no compromises when it comes to quality and place great attention on every detail of the wood they work with.

The combination of exceptional quality and a perfect finish guarantees that the oak flooring will perfectly meet all of your expectations and satisfy all your needs. When dealing with us, you can demand the best! It is our genuine pleasure to provide you with a top-quality product that we are simply certain is of exceptional value. Our flooring will be a perfect match for the interiors of your house, apartment or office and you will be able to enjoy its benefits for years to come.

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When creating KACZKAN wood floors, we partake in the resources of nature with great respect. We take great care to emphasize the natural beauty of fine oak boards, subject them to precise treatment and finish using innovative technologies and methods. In our factory produces floors that combine durability, usability and beauty, satisfying even the most sophisticated tastes of our clients. The interior of your apartment, home or office deserves a solid base!