Kaczkan - Premium Wooden Floors

Wooden floors from the Top of the World collection

A unique collection of wooden floors, finished in traditional and coloured UV-hardened varnishes, with planks additionally refined in the micro-brushing process. The result? A natural, timeless and beautiful floor that enhances your interior design.

About collection

The Top of the World collection is the essence of the best features of varnished floors. Perfect for lovers of subtle solutions who want the floor to complement the style of the interior, rather than overshadow it.

proParkiet-based boards have been coated with colourful UV-cured varnishes across several stages of production. This allows us to not only strengthen and protect the wood, but most importantly give it a unique colour that emphasises its unique structure.

We also apply an additional treatment known as micro-brushing, which involves the mechanical removal of soft wood fibres that form the grain. Keeping the harder fibres makes the structure of the board irregular, which you can not only feel but also see. Micro-brushing visually ages the wood, turning each board into an original pattern perfectly suited to almost any style of arrangement.

An important factor is also the degree of matting of the floor - our collections include both semi-matte and super matte floors. A slightly matte coat of varnish creates a beautiful effect of unobtrusive elegance, at the same time turning wood's natural imperfections into its greatest adornment. If you want to further emphasise the nature of this unusual raw material and you value functionality above all else, a super matte floor will suit you best.
The choice of flooring is one of the most important stages of the design process, so make sure that you discover the colours available in the Top of the World collection... And find the one that will uniquely design your interior.


  • Floors from the Top of The World collection are of a very high quality, two-layer proDeska that combine durability and elegance with a fashionable, timeless look.
  • Our floors are extremely easy to install and safe to walk on immediately after installation – we protect and finish each board in the production stage. The floors are also perfectly suited to underfloor heating.
  • The floors from this collection are varnished several times with high quality products and each layer is hardened with UV light. This technology makes our floors exceptionally durable and resistant to mechanical damage, while maintaining a beautiful and natural look for many years.


  • We know that every design and every interior design is different, just like the needs of its users are different. That is why we offer Top of the World floors in a wide range of colours, from light colours, which are ideal for Scandinavian or minimalist styles, to dark, almost black colours, which we create using chemical or thermal wood treatment processes.
  • We know that wood is a noble material whose greatest advantage is its diversity and natural character. We love wood for its beautiful grain, differences in colour intensity and saturation, lack of symmetry, unusual grain pattern and even knots. These are the characteristics that give a wooden floor its unique style and character. To make it easier to choose the right type of floor, we have divided them into grades that help you decide whether you prefer a uniform-looking wood floor or are a fan of natural and highly varied surfaces. We offer floors from the Top from the World collection in the Natur, Rustical Premium, Coutry and Living collections.

Technical parameters

We make floors using the innovative proDeska and proParkiettwo-layer board system. The top layer of proParkiet consists of a noble oak frieze, approximately 4 mm thick, and the bottom layer is a solid softwood or hardwood base.

The floor is finished with varnishes by Akzo Nobel and Sherwin Williams. Each board is covered with several thin layers consisting of: hydro primer varnish, clear or coloured basecoat, and top coat varnish.

We use varnishes with different levels of gloss: semi-matt varnish and super-matt varnish (the difference in gloss occurs in the top coat).

Each layer is hardened with UV light, which makes the boards very resistant to mechanical damage and easy to clean and maintain on a daily basis.

The floor is suitable for underfloor heating. It is characterised by low thermal resistance and high dimensional stability, which means that it is resistant to splitting and swelling. We use polyvinyl acetate adhesive in water resistance class D3 with WATT 91 certification, which is designed for products exposed to temperature fluctuations.

The floors are available in different visual grades: Prime, Unique,  Country and Living. The floors are four-side bevelled and brushed as a standard.

Inspirations Wooden floors from the Top of the World collection

Formats Wooden floors from the Top of the World collection

Two-layer floorboard

Kaczkan Premium floor boards are a modern solution to many problems commonly encountered when laying wooden parquets: they require no finishing work (each board is protected during manufacturing), they are durable and versatile and offer almost unlimited arrangement possibilities.

Configure the floor

9/10/13/14 x 120 x 800/1000/1200/1400

9/10/13/14 x 150 x 800/1000/1200/1400

9/10/13/14 x 190 x 1700/1800/1900/2000

Simple Living

Naturally elegant and timelessly stylish, Simple Living floors utilise tiles cut at an angle of 90° and are designed to be laid in a classic herringbone pattern. A wide range of available colours and finishes means that the two-layer floors in this product range will create an exceptional and unique effect in any interior where they are used.

Configure the floor

10/14 x 150 x 600

10/14 x 120 x 600

14 x 100 x 500

11 x 90 x 900

11 x 70 x 490

Chevron 45 ProParkiet: Chevron 45

The front edges of the Chevron 45 French herringbone tiles are cut at an angle of 45°, enabling you to create interesting, expressive motifs based on the classic zigzag pattern. Due to the extremely wide range of colours available, Chevron 45 tiles can also be patterned so as to create an original and eye-catching herringbone colour.

Configure the floor

10/14 x 90 x 610

10/14 x 120 x 880

10/14 x 150 x 640

10/14 x 190 x 800

Chevron 22 or Hungarian point

The Chevron 22 Hungarian point pattern is an energetic and temperamental floor that utilises tiles cut at an angle of 22.5°. It works particularly well in modernist, industrial and minimalist interiors, giving them character and bringing them to life. Chevron 22 pattern tiles are available in oiled or varnished finish, in a wide range of colors so that everyone can choose the shade which best suits their expectations.

Configure the floor

10/14 x 150 x 920

10/14 x 120 x 920

10/14 x 90 x 655