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Caldera Santorini

A floor in a cool color that is associated with holidays, hot summer and beautiful Greek landscapes? It's possible if you choose the Caldera Santorini oil collection. When creating it, we were inspired by the colors of the Greek volcano Santorini - cool, gray-brown, a bit raw. Scorched Greek soil and the dazzling whiteness of volcanic towns nestled against the rocks? If you are also inspired by such a landscape, the Caldera Santorini floor is a good proposition for you. The neutral, darker color of the floor will be an ideal base for many different interior arrangements, from loft and minimalist to modern, urban, even male spaces



Pedunculate Oak

Technical parameters

Color characteristics

Floor finished with matte hybrid oil in gray-brown color, quite dark, full of character, cool


  • Two-layer floorboard

  • Simple Living

  • Chevron 22.

    Chevron 45

  • Chevron 45.

    Chevron 22


Dark floors are definitely back! If you are looking for an original floor pattern for industrial, metropolitan, minimalist and modern interiors, choose Caldera Santorini.
The floor impresses with gray tones and a matte texture, which it owes to the finishing of the boards with matte hybrid oils with the addition of natural waxes.

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