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Grey Moon

Can cool colours warm up an interior? Absolutely. Grey Shadow flooring is proof of this. The slightly greyish oil used in its finishing creates a beautiful streak on the surface of the boards, emphasizing the distinctive image created by the grain and knots penetrating to the surface. Grey Shadow suits both large interiors decorated in a minimalist style and those arranged with a touch of idyllic climate.



Pedunculate oak

Color characteristics

Floor finished with hybrid oil in extra grey, which gives it a subtle grey colouring. Depending on the grade, the floor has more or less visible lighter streaks and discolouration typical for oak wood.


  • Two-layer floorboard

  • Simple Living

  • Chevron 22.

    Chevron 45

  • Chevron 45.

    Chevron 22


A light and subtle floor in a natural, slightly grey colouring. It is timeless, so it will be a perfect complement to interiors in any style. A great companion to modern or minimalist style decorations – the muted colours will soothe the senses and add lightness to the interior. The floor will also be a very good choice in case of rustic or country arrangements – the visible system of rings and knots (in grades with diversified grain) will emphasise the natural character of traditional interiors.

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