Kaczkan - Premium Wooden Floors

Learn about the proParkiet technology

This two-layer finishing material is an innovative approach to wood flooring, combining the natural beauty and supreme quality of boards with exceptional usability.


Our two-layer finishing material is an innovative wooden floor combining the durability and natural qualities of a traditional finish with the ease and speed of panel installation. The floor is ready to use immediately after installation.

The two-layer ProParquet consists of layers of wood bonded with adhesive. The noble top layer is a frieze of any type of wood with a thickness of 4-6 mm, and can be made of European oak, ash or black oak.

The bottom layer may be a coniferous underlay in the form of lamellas or a deciduous underlay in the form of plywood. Each panel is varnished or oiled several times and hardened with UV rays. This makes the top layer more durable and more resistant to mechanical damage than traditional materials.

Such design and finish has a number of advantages: easy and quick installation, saving time and money with no need for further treatment (e.g. by sanding, varnishing), no contamination of rooms and no unpleasant smell of varnishes or oils.

Versatile applications

ProParquet is a universal product with multiple decorative options through easy modification with, for example, varnish colours. ProParquet is available in Colours of the World, Colours of Nature, Wall of Wood and Herringbone collections. With the innovation behind the manufacturing, the two-layer parquet completely preserves its natural qualities, such as appearance and functional advantages.

Moreover, it can be resurfaced several times, just like the traditional version. What is special about the two-layer proParquet, is that it can be safely used on floor heating, it is much thinner than traditional parquet, it lets the heat through perfectly, is more resistant to strain, works better with floor heating due to its structure, which prevents drying or cracking of wood.