Kaczkan - Premium Wooden Floors


Simple Living


  • Finish with UV varnish

    Wooden floors from the Top of the World collection


  • Finish with Oil Wax

    Wooden floors from the Beauty of oil collection




  • California Dream

  • White Truffle

  • Grey Shadow

  • Grey Moon

  • Pure Forest 418

  • Coffee Thermo

  • Smoked Wood Onyx

Grade wood


      About the product range / features

      Naturally elegant and timelessly stylish, Simple Living floors utilise tiles cut at an angle of 90° and are designed to be laid in a classic herringbone pattern. A wide range of available colours and finishes means that the two-layer floors in this product range will create an exceptional and unique effect in any interior where they are used.


      • innovative manufacturing technology
      • increased durability (the tiles are varnished/oiled several times and then cured using UV rays)
      • wide range of finishes available (including chamfering and structuring)
      • compatible with underfloor heating


      • top layer made of fine oak wood from Poland , plywood or lath subfloor

      Technical parameters

      All floors in the Simple Living range are manufactured using two-layer parquet technology, which means that each tile is subjected to suitable treatment during the manufacturing stage, and then varnished or oiled and UV cured. Thanks to this, the Simple Living floors can be normally used immediately after installation and do not require any additional finishing work. The Simple Living two-layer parquet floors can be refinished (sanded) several times.


      • 10/14 x 150 x 600

      • 10/14 x 120 x 600

      • 14 x 100 x 500

      • 11 x 90 x 900

      • 11 x 70 x 490

      Our floors are fully customizable

      Colours available in the Simple Living range guarantee unique and original visual effects and help create interiors that are incredibly elegant and at the same time feel light and natural.

      • wide range of colours
      • excellent quality and appearance of the wood
      • simple form, infinite expression

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