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Chevron 45

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  • Wooden floors from the Top of the World collection


  • Wooden floors from the Beauty of oil collection



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        About the product range / features

        The front edges of the Chevron 45 French herringbone tiles are cut at an angle of 45°, enabling you to create interesting, expressive motifs based on the classic zigzag pattern. Due to the extremely wide range of colours available, Chevron 45 tiles can also be patterned so as to create an original and eye-catching herringbone colour.


        • innovative manufacturing technology
        • increased durability (the tiles are varnished/oiled several times and then cured using UV rays)
        • wide range of finishes available (including chamfering and structuring)
        • compatible with underfloor heating


        • top layer made of fine wood (English oak), hardwood or softwood subfloor
        Chevron 45.

        Technical parameters

        The Chevron 45 tiles are manufactured using the double-layer parquet technology. During manufacturing, each tile subjected to suitable treatment by varnishing or oiling and UV curing. As a result, floors laid using Chevron 45 tiles can be used immediately after installation, with no additional finishing work required. The Chevron 45 two-layer parquet can be refinished (sanded) several times if necessary.


        • Chevron 22 Small

          10 x 90 x 655 mm

        • 10 x 120 x 940 mm

        Our floors are fully customizable

        The Chevron 45 series is available in a wide range of colours - both classic and modern. Available varnishes include coloured UV varnishes from the Top of the World range, whereas available oil-based finishes include natural oils from the Beauty of Oil range.

        Available finishes:

        • semi-matte UV varnish
        • super matte UV varnish
        • hybrid UV cured oil

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