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Our simple online configurator will help you choose the right wooden floor. How does it work? Choose your floor type and collection. Decide which floor colour you like best or which suits your interior best. Then select the wood grade and the size of the floor. Congratulations! You have just chosen your dream floor! Check our floor configurator!

ProParkiet Chevron 22

The Chevron 22 Hungarian point pattern is an energetic and temperamental floor that utilises tiles cut at an angle of 22.5°. It works particularly well in modernist, industrial and minimalist interiors, giving them character and bringing them to life. Chevron 22 pattern tiles are available in oiled or varnished finish, in a wide range of colours so that everyone can choose the shade which best suits their expectations.

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ProParkiet: Chevron 45

The front edges of the Chevron 45 French herringbone tiles are cut at an angle of 45°, enabling you to create interesting, expressive motifs based on the classic zigzag pattern. Due to the extremely wide range of colours available, Chevron 45 tiles can also be patterned so as to create an original and eye-catching herringbone colour.

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ProParkiet: Simple Living

Naturally elegant and timelessly stylish, Simple Living floors utilise tiles cut at an angle of 90° and are designed to be laid in a classic herringbone pattern. A wide range of available colours and finishes means that the two-layer floors in this product range will create an exceptional and unique effect in any interior where they are used.

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ProParkiet: Two-layer floorboard

Colours available in the Simple Living range guarantee unique and original visual effects and help create interiors that are incredibly elegant and at the same time feel light and natural.

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