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Two-layer floorboard

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        About the product range / features

        Kaczkan Premium floor boards are a modern solution to many problems commonly encountered when laying wooden parquets: they require no finishing work (each board is protected during manufacturing), they are durable and versatile and offer almost unlimited arrangement possibilities.


        • easy and quick assembly
        • no need for finishing work (ready for use immediately after laying)
        • can be refinished (sanded) several times


        • op layer of fine wood (English oak, ash, black oak), hardwood or softwood subfloor
        Deska podłogowa. Two-layer floorboard.

        Technical parameters

        Each two-layer Kaczkan Premium parquet is prepared so as to guarantee the longest possible durability and resistance, including with intensive use. The Kaczkan Premium brand layered boards consist of a top layer made of fine wood and an underlay made of deciduous wood.


        • Deska podłogowa large

          10/14 x 120 x 800/1000/1200/1400 mm

        • Deska podłogowa medium

          14/15 x 190 x 1700/1800/1900/2000 mm

        • Deska podłogowa small

          14/14 x 150 x 800/1000/1200/1400 mm

        Our floors are fully customizable

        Floors made of Kaczkan Premium two-layer tiles are available in a wide range of unique colours, including varnishes (also matte) and oils. We also offer our customers unique finishes which enable the Kaczkan Premium two-layer parquet to give their interiors an exceptional character.

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