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This two-layer finishing material is an innovative approach to wood flooring, combining the natural beauty and supreme quality of boards with exceptional usability.

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Top of the World

Top of the World is the quintessence of what you expect from the highest quality wood flooring: durability and strength, many years of satisfying use and unparalleled aesthetic qualities. ProParkiet material used as part of this collection has been finished using an innovative UV-cured varnish over several stages of manufacturing,  imparting the wood with exceptional usability parameters without overshadowing the natural beauty of the oaken boards. 

Semi-matte and super matte varnishes, applied in perfectly thin and perfectly even layers, flawlessly highlight the nature of the wood and guarantee an extremely elegant visual effect. Boards covered with super matte varnish resemble oiled floors but do not require any maintenance or renovation for many years. The Top of the World wood flooring collection comes in ten perfectly saturated, deep colours, inspired by the majestic beauty of the surrounding world and nature and select luxury products. The colour range of the Top of the World begins with raw wood tones, moves on to bleached wood and ends with dark and highly saturated colours. Champagne, Vanilla, White Pearl, Grey Pearl, Alaska, Grey Eagle, Sahara, Whisky, Coffee and Onyx - discover them all and choose which one fits best in your apartment, house or office.

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Beauty of oil

Beauty of Oil is a collection created for those who appreciate wood, primarily for its warmth and unique, pastel surface and structure, delicately palpable under your fingers. These features of oaken boards are precisely what is emphasized by the natural hybrid oils with added waxes used for finishing proParkiet material. The highest quality hybrid oils with increased resistance, cured using UV rays over several stages of the production process, also guarantee high durability and resistance to moisture, as well as easy refinishing of the flooring.

Saicos state-of-the-art, Blue Angel-certified hybrid oils are applied by machine in smooth, even layers. This enables effective protection of the wood surface and helps produce flooring with optimal functional parameters that brings delight thanks to the subtlety of its natural elegance. Oil-waxed boards should be cared for and maintained according to the manufacturer's recommendations - twice a year, using home methods.

The classic look of an oiled floor from the Beauty of Oil collection is a tribute to the natural beauty of oak, perfectly accentuated in each of the eight unique hues: California Dream House, White Truffle, Grey Shadow, Grey Moon, Wild Oil, Arizona Wave, Pure Forest and Shabby Chic. The Beauty of Oil colour scheme was designed so as to allow you to select the perfect shade of floor for any interior. Which of these colours will harmoniously blend with your design?

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Chevron 22 or Hungarian point

Hungarian point is a distinctive type of wood flooring that catches the eye thanks to its expressive, branching pattern. This flooring pattern traces its origins to Italy and Hungary and was inspired by a beautiful embroidery stitch made popular in Italy by Princess Elisabeth of Hungary. The boards are cut and laid at an angle of 22.5 degrees, adding a unique character to interiors - strong and uncompromising. This version of proParkiet material perfectly suits spacious interiors, introducing firm order and tidiness, while at the same time remaining an intriguing and timeless base for any design.

Chevron 22 is manufactured using only the highest quality oak wood. Hungarian point proParkiet boards are available in two sizes and finishes and all shades from the Top of the World and Beauty of Oil collections. Chevron 22 flooring.

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Chevron 45 or French herringbone

French herringbone is a unique wood flooring type that dazzles with its timeless elegance and sophistication. Herringbone patterned floors were first used by Daniel Cronstrom, who in the late 17th century replaced marble floors in the Versailles palace with handmade wooden flooring with a unique pattern and opulent character. The fact that tiles cut at an angle of 45 degrees can trace their roots to a palace makes this variant the most luxurious version of proParkiet, while at the same time retaining its utmost versatility and suitability for use in interiors furnished in various styles. The lightness, slenderness and unique dynamics of the Chevron 45 pattern add a unique character to rooms and allows for the optical shaping of interiors and their proportions.

We create Chevron 45 using only the highest quality oak, in two sizes and all shades available in the Top of the World and Beauty of Oil collections. ProParkiet boards can also be finished using any available method, all in order make it easy for you to choose a product that will perfectly fit your needs and expectations.

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Simple Living

Simple Living is a spectacular wooden floor, an embodiment of natural elegance and unique character of the classics, a perfect fit for interiors where everyday life takes place. Boards arranged at an angle of 90 degrees create a clear and expressive pattern (depending on the size of individual elements: light and delicate or strong and solid in perception), while perfectly emphasizing the natural beauty of fine oak.

The Simple Living version of ProParkiet is made of specially selected oak planks that come in various sizes, finishes and colours. The use of innovative varnishing or oiling and UV curing technologies guarantees that your floor will be as durable and pleasant to use as possible. Simple Living is an extremely economical solution that helps achieve sensational visual effects. 

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ProParkiet - double-layer floorboard

The classics work always and everywhere! The oak floorboard from our proParkiet range is the essence of minimalism and simplicity of approach to interior design, allowing to perfectly bring out the noble beauty of wood. Simple boards are a timeless, elegant and universal solution that fits harmoniously in all interiors, regardless of their size, shape, style and colour scheme.  

Our proParkiet flooring and floorboards are available in a variety of sizes, finishes and visual grades and a wide range of perfectly saturated colours from the Top of the World and Beauty of Oil collections. Our priority is to provide you with a top quality product that meets your needs and exceeds all expectations.

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