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Coffee Thermo

As beautiful as it is resistant... Coffee flooring hides within a great magic and depth of colours, at the same time being the essence of what oak stands for: strength, durability and reliability. By undergoing thermal treatment, the boards develop a warm colour associated with aromatic coffee. This treatment produces an unusual and irregular colour which beautifully accentuates the structure of the wood. This may vary depending on the selected wood grade, which means that Coffee is available in different shades: from rusty orange to dark brown, depending on the visual class of the wood. Thermal (heat) treatment strengthens the wood, allowing Coffee flooring to last many years. This process results in deep changes throughout the entire board, meaning that its colour will remain exactly the same as it was at the beginning even after sanding.



Pedunculate oak, thermally treated

Color characteristics

The floor has a dark colour due to the heat treatment process. Thermal treatment (i.e. subjecting the boards to high temperatures) gives the boards their characteristic colour; the process is completely environmentally-friendly – the wood is heated without any chemicals. Boards within a batch may differ in colour because wood is an anisotropic material (it changes its physical properties when forces are applied to it) and therefore has a different degree of susceptibility to heat. In the Natur grade, the Coffee floor is characterised by uniform colouring within a single plank and a diverse grain layout. In the Rustical Premium grade, the colouring within one board can vary due to the different reaction of wood to heat processing.


  • Two-layer floorboard

  • Simple Living

  • Chevron 22.

    Chevron 45

  • Chevron 45.

    Chevron 22


A beautiful and noble floor for lovers of warm colours and strong design solutions. By subjecting the boards to high temperatures, we have achieved staves that are each unique, with shades ranging from dark chocolate brown tones to lighter and milder caramels. The heat processing process has further increased the floor's resistance to temperature differences and moisture. We finished the floor with a clear UV varnish, which further emphasised the depth of its colour.

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