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Looking for light-coloured flooring similar to oak? Then you'll fall in love with Champagne, a floor in a cool shade reminiscent of champagne that perfectly accentuates natural discolourations and irregularities in colour. Special manufacturing and finishing methods help bring out the raw nature of the wood, discolourations and grain that create the effect of a negative image. Champagne flooring suits every style, but it will look best in large rooms and as part of classic and elegant arrangements, where a beautiful floor is meant to break through the traditional appearance of the interior.



Pedunculate oak

Color characteristics

Floor finished in white UV varnish. It is a semi-matt varnish. A light, cool colour, a few tones lighter than the transparent colour, which imitates natural oak wood. This varnish heavily highlights the discolouration for a subtle effect of a negative.


  • Two-layer floorboard

  • Simple Living

  • Chevron 22.

    Chevron 45

  • Chevron 45.

    Chevron 22


Oak flooring with a natural look and cool tones. Bright, but with a perfectly visible grain, it resembles raw oak wood with all its natural beauty. It will work in any arrangement as it is timeless and universal. It looks great in a modern or traditional living room. Ideal for large and representative interiors, which will get an elegant and subtle look.

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