Kaczkan - Premium Wooden Floors

Floor structuring

The way our wooden floors are finished highlights the natural beauty of the wood, making the structure and character of the wooden boards visible. Depending on the type of finish, the floor will have different surface textures and colours.


Bevelling a floor is the removal of material at the edges of each board. We bevel our floors on two sides (i.e., on two edges) or four sides (i.e., on all four edges).

What does the bevelling process offer? It visually separates the boards from each other, making the pattern look more natural. Bevelling also makes the individual boards appear slimmer, which optically enlarges and broadens the room.

Bevelling also has an important practical function – it prevents the possible effects of wood expansion, so you are guaranteed that your floor will remain the same for many years.


Brushing is the process of adding structure to a wooden floor. It consists of removing the top layer of wood locally. In this process, we individually select the brushing process, and the rings are exposed using special equipment. This reveals more of the natural structure and grain of the boards, giving them a noble and beautiful character.

Brushing removes the softest parts of the wood structure and therefore allows the grain to be exposed and shown better. The floor becomes more pronounced and takes on a stronger character. This process also makes the boards look extremely natural, with marks of use not being visible.

Saw effect

The sawing effect is a floor finishing process that consists of a contact cut with a band saw across the width of the board. Treated in this way, the floor takes on a rustic feel. The saw leaves a distinct, very easily recognisable mark on the board, providing it with an uneven structure and transverse striation.

The sawing effect is a unique type of finish that gives the floor a unique character and charm. It is perfect for interiors where the floor is to act as a strong and bold design accent.