Kaczkan - Premium Wooden Floors


Just as this beverage is dignified and elegant, so full of depth and originality are floors in the Whisky shade. The soft honey-like colour subtly warms up the room and further accentuates the natural grain of the boards. This strong shade requires strong arrangements, such as a study with massive furniture, or interiors dominated by elegant, but rather dark accessories.



Pedunculate oak

Color characteristics

Floor finished with semi-matt UV varnish in brown colour. The varnish gives the floor a warm uniform brown colour.


  • Two-layer floorboard

  • Simple Living

  • Chevron 22.

    Chevron 45

  • Chevron 45.

    Chevron 22


An intense, elegant floor that is perfect as a warming finish for cool interiors in modern, minimalist or loft styles. Its pronounced grain and strong colour will be an excellent choice for a masculine style arrangement. The floor will also appeal to lovers of vintage-style interiors, where it will add character. The beautiful honey-colour reflections and deep hue are reminiscent of the unique shade of whisky.

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